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TILT Spotlight: The Chainsmokers

TiltAdmin on March 6, 2014 - 6:18 pm in TiltMag Exclusives
I heard The Chainsmokers‘ “#Selfie” on the radio for the first time coming home from Gambino’s cancelled show in Oakland last week. I wasn’t mad the man cancelled — that Deep Web Tour shit is crazy, I still can’t wait — but hearing these guys on the radio, these guys who I hella respect and have always supported and can’t wait to see Saturday in San Francisco…was way fucking cool and definitely solidified the already dope night into a classic one. There was five of us in the car and we had that thang loud. One of my friends knew all the words to each verse.

The track’s a huge success. 
[applauding hands emojis, like 11 of them]

With all of this #Selfie madness happening, which I’m sure they’re still wrapping their minds around (don’t forget their on #Selfie Tour right now too), they haven’t slowed down at all and continue to release their signature progressive remixes with that particular indie style that is just so very The Chainsmokers. Below you can hear their fresh mix of Bastille‘s “Flaws” (new favorite!) and their most recent one of Strange Talk‘s “Young Hearts”. Enjoy!

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