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Yung Lean – Motorola (Knite Watch x Coral Castle Remix)

TiltAdmin on March 6, 2014 - 11:47 pm in Uncategorized

If your into Future Bass, N64, Arizona Ice Tea, Seapunk and/or Jersey Club / Bass Music, this Yung Lean remix is right up your ally. 

Who is Knite Watch and the Coral Castle, you ask? It is a friendship that came about before the time of Pyramids and Pharaohs. A time when Atlantis was flourishing and when the Sea Gods were pleased. Knite Watch, the guardian that he was, kept a strong eye on his home, The City of Atlantis. He felt that its demise would soon come due to the earth and seas quaking, for he had dreamt it many times. 

One day, as he was traveling home to Atlantis from the Palm Jungle abroad, he came upon nothing but a sunken city. He quickly realized that the city had disappeared into the sea, just as he had dreamed. As a Sadboy, he returned to the Palm Jungle making it his new home. Many years full of earthquakes went by as he dreamt of times past. A time when gold lined the streets and marble pillars and statues were raised high. 

He decided to go back to pay homage to his lost underwater home. As he came upon his forgotten sunken city, he discovered that by the will of the Gods, a castle stood above the water. The castle, covered in coral, vines and brush, was disguised as an island. He found that his old home of Atlantis was no longer lost. The inside of the castle was pristine with marble walls, statues and golden floors. As he adapted to his life in the new found Coral Castle, he discovered that this was not just any castle, this mysterious Coral Castle was alive…

This is the story of how Knite Watch and the Coral Castle begins…

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