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BRAND NEW: Alizz – Thump Mix and Sunshine EP

TiltAdmin on April 4, 2014 - 1:37 am in TiltMag Mixtape Series

I’ve been going a little crazy counting down the days until the Wave Racer and Trippy Turtle show at King King on April 6th. But luckily ALIZZZ‘s new mix for Thump is exactly the music fix I need to get me through until the show. 

The mix features some pretty cool unreleased edits songs from Imanos, SirOJ, ARME, Branko, Playground Mob, Wave Racer, 813, Brokenhaze, and Cosmo’s Midnight

ALIZZZ’s Sunshine EP has me counting down the days till summer. The four dope tracks are “what are theme song of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart should have been” (ALIZZ’s SoundCloud).

I C U (feat. Santell) That Gurl What IF

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