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New Music from LAKIM // Mr. Carmack // FREE DOWNLOADS

TiltAdmin on April 3, 2014 - 8:42 pm in Uncategorized

I la-la-la-love La-la-la-LAKIM. The versatile Virginia based producer brilliantly combines smooth and high-energy beats to create a sound he calls “future bounce”. His unique sound really shines in his track “Maga Body,” which I’m quite literally hooked on because it’s only 1:40 and I’ve been replaying it again and again for the past hour.

To celebrate his new album, LAKIM is offering a free download of his track “Maga Body”on his SoundCloud. And if you loving LAKIM too, you can preorder the official vinyl release of his “This Is Her” LP (*bed squeak*) via soulection.com.

It’s a shame April Fools was the other day and not Valentines Day because I could literally write an entire love letter dedicated to how much I love Mr. Carmack (aka Aaron Carmack). Like a good boyfriend, one thing I love about Mr. Carmack is that he’s dependable. He never fails to deliver new music that makes you do a double take and go, “Wait what is this?” The ability to continuously surprise your fans is a rare gift, which is why I have the upmost respect for his ability to break away from monotonous electronic dance music and put out music that is experimental and artfully obscure.

His song “Runner” sounds and feels so good. Who knew a soft, sexy trap vibe could also feel like an ambient lullaby? Trap and lullaby are strange bedfellows, but leave it to Mr. Carmack to perfect this sound.

It really is hard to communicate Mr. Carmack’s sound, but I think the best way to describe “Rogue” is that it’s got a special twinkle to it, while also staying true to his soft, sexy trap vibe. Truly a beautiful song.

Side note: a Hawaiian b2b featuring Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi would be a dream.

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  • April 4, 2014

    jesus @ Rogue. Very retro sounding during the intro and once the drum drop.. woo. this is really dope. everything is syncing in and messed well. love the high hi-hat and clap work during the pre-chorus. buidling is nice as well. great job!