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BRAND NEW: Mr. Carmack

TiltAdmin on May 13, 2014 - 4:39 am in Uncategorized

This morning Mr. Carmack did some spring cleaning and blessed us with four new (old) uploads on his SoundCloud. If only the skeletons in everyone’s closet sounded this good…

Mr. Carmack produced “Till Its Over” in ’09 and if it feels vaguely familiar, it’s because it is. Hint: Drake – “Over”.

“I Always Loved This One” is an instrumental release his 2012 track “Beautiful Transformation (Dearly Beloved)” ft. Sunni Colon off of his album Vibes, Vol. 2 (the older version with the vocals is SO good too!)

Next is “Another Intrepidity, With Evil Needle” which is a new, alternative version of an older track, Intrepidity with Evil Needle.

Lastly, “Rare Grip, With Sango” is the original to the track “AGO,” which was produced by Mr. Carmack and Sango and features Waldo and Joose.

Happy streaming!

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