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BurnHard & Brendan Vintedge’s ‘An Electronic Education’ LP

TiltAdmin on May 14, 2014 - 12:36 am in Uncategorized

In an ever-growing sea of EDM filled with generic and bland tracks, a new collaboration between BurnHard & Brendan Vintedge cuts through the static and sub-bass like a knife. These two are showcasing a new album from the converging music, influences, tastes and markets of Electronic & Pop Music. Blending contemporary Pop and R&B musical influences, with the more modern sounds of Dubstep, Trap, Chillstep, Chill-out, Deep & Electro House.

A few cuts off the 12-track LP really stick out to us. The first is obvious, “Purple Rain”, the lead single off the release. Go ahead and get started.

“Oh Sheila” is hands-down my favorite of all. I can definitely see why comparisons are being drawn to The Weeknd here…

And before we go, here’s “365”, a really sweet, more Drum & Bass style track that ends with some solid Trap vibes.

You can stream the whole LP on SoundCloud, or pick it up at Beatport. 🙂

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