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Dj E5QUIRE – Typhoon

TiltAdmin on May 29, 2014 - 8:19 pm in Uncategorized

Out of Los Angeles comes Dj E5QUIRE with Typhoon an uplifting EDM track that cuts across multiple sub-genres. Although labeled as house music the mood of Typhoon is energized enough to be at home as a rave, big room, or dance track. Standing out in Typhoon is the synth played by Dj E5QUIRE. The booming horn like synthesizer melody is emphatically played over quick snares and a thumping bass drum. The pressure is built up with original risers that threaten to burst with increased tension until slick white noise drops deliver quick temporary relief. This is good EDM music but Dj E5QUIRE is no stranger to the EDM scene. The youngest member of the duo Mixed Reactions Dj E5QUIRE has worked with the industry’s elite and is now looking to make a name for himself. If Typhoon is any indication of his future in EDM I will say that it’s going to be a bright future indeed. You can download Typhoon from iTunes.

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