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DON’T MISS: Jerid Nowell’s ‘Outburst’ EP

TiltAdmin on May 5, 2014 - 7:33 pm in Uncategorized

It’s rare that I post about an EP. Mostly because I’m constantly bombarded by singles, but also because I think it’s rare that an entire EP is good. Jerid Nowell, a guy I was introduced to through Bash Records, recently put out an awesome EP though called ‘Outburst’.

The young New Yorker delivered an artful and lyrical debut EP. ‘Outburst’ successfully brings about an array of emotions and sounds from livid (“Barbie Doll”) to overwhelmed (“Fallout”), without throwing a deranged temper tantrum. Nowell hooks up with producer, Daniel ‘DGMayne’ Glavin, crafting songs portraying messages fueled with ambition and hope like “Tell Me What You Want” and “Only Just Begun”; giving listeners insight into Nowell’s bold journey from Arizona to NY to pursue his music career. Other tunes ease up on the emotion but not the adrenaline, leading you into nights filled with fun and debauchery with “Lonely Ones”. ‘Outburst’ features catchy hooks, enchanting musical arrangements and some seriously strong vocals. The result is a titillating intro into the audacious mind of Jerid Nowell.

Below we have a few favorite selections, but you can stream the entire EP at SoundCloud, or pick it up directly at iTunes. Enjoy!

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