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Julian Rothchild – Trendsetter

TiltAdmin on May 31, 2014 - 11:59 pm in Uncategorized

They always seem to say that no good hip-hop comes from Sacramento, CA. But I definitely gotta disagree. Not only because I’m from there and there’s plenty of talent that I know there, but because it’s simply not true. I could go down a fat list of rappers from Sac that have made an impression on the hip-hop industry (Brotha Lynch Hung anyone? Chuuwee? Task1ne? C Plus? Hello?), but I’ll stop here… Another upcoming name in hip-hop from Sacramento is Julian Rothchild, whose debut single “Not Comin Down” saw a lot of praise from the blogosphere. His latest, “Trendsetter”, just premiered via our friends at HOF. It’s got a trapped-out beat and one of the catchiest and most well-delivered hooks we’ve heard in a minute. Volume up? Go.

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