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Lilly Wolf – Pop Dream

TiltAdmin on May 20, 2014 - 9:19 pm in Uncategorized

Premiering over at Impose this week is the new one from one of our favorite up-and-coming pop singers, Lilly Wolf. The track is called “Pop Dream” and it takes a much more mellow pace than what we’re used to from her. It’s a lovely song. She says, “The beat is a kind of mean sound with a powerful kick and big claps, and the bass is a pretty dubby low end sound. The kind of stuff you’d hear on a hip hop track, except over the top we have these dreamy piano lines and that reverse swell sound. The vocals also switch up, going from the lo-­fi, up­front verse to the really reverb-y interlude and then to the big sound in the chorus with the doubled lead. It’s like 50’s jazz to chilly indie to Top 40.” Take a listen for yourself below!

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