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Mixtape Monday: STHWST V4.0.1 and V4.0.2

TiltAdmin on May 13, 2014 - 4:56 am in Uncategorized

Happy Mixtape Monday!! Here’s a hot new two-part mixtape from STHWST to ease you into the beginning of the work week (peep the free download links here and here).

STHWST is an independent collective / label run by Chindamo and its members; Dr. Derg, Mike T., Ostor, Knite Watch, Good Intent, and Lftclck. My favorite track from the mixes is the Ty Dolla $ign ft. BoB “Paranoid” (Waifu in the Club Ba-kuura Remix).

1. hokes – Doesn’t Have to Be (Anything)
3. Bames – BYB (Pablo)
4. 3LLL – Echo Cannon
5. CUFT – 業
6. WALLACE – OutAspAce
7. Donell Jones – Where I Wanna Be (Objectives Hey, that’s a Cute Dog! Edit)
8. DJ Xemnas X Boy Jamez – Daomu Blade
9. Wave Race 64 – Milky Lake (Knite Watch Breaks Remix)
10. Danny Doberman – Gnome Talmbout

1. Ty Dolla $ign ft. BoB – Paranoid (Waifu in the Club Ba-kuura Remix)
2. Krimslo – Cyber $plash
3. TYKU – I Think About U
4. JNTHN STEIN – Broke
5. Tim Dolla – Swing Dat Sh_t (PDN 2K14 Edit)
6. Good Intent X Chindamo – Yeah!
7. Branstone – Secret Level
8. DJ Joe Block – Rachel
9. Lil Mystic – Hiryō

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