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Saint – Like a Hoe + Gijibae VIP

TiltAdmin on May 21, 2014 - 11:43 pm in Uncategorized
We recently spoke to Saint in an interview titled “Artist Spotlight” and he had revealed to us some information about future releases such as “Cordoba”. Now Saint is at it again with a new track called “Like a Hoe” and a VIP remix of “Gijibae” and there seems to be no stop to Saint’s growing impact in the underground electronic world. 
This track has so much bass and is another twerk anthem that is making splashes in the music world. The beat is really massive and does magic with the use of a Fergie sample. 

The beat was a big tune, but now is more booty friendly. So much hype that the track properly increases the level of excitement with every build up and you might even recognize a chord progression used in a Lil’ Jon song.


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