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Simon Field – The Villa

TiltAdmin on May 15, 2014 - 10:03 pm in Uncategorized

I remember I walked into the room and thought wow…
What is this sound that so deeply penetrates your body?
I’ve never heard anything like it before…

Simon Field, aka Simen Fjeld, is from Norge, Norway and “The Villa” is his debut single. “The Villa” truly represents Field’s own musical heart and is one of the key tracks in his current DJ set. The deep house references are clear, featuring a true analogue synth sound put together with a human touch. 

“I want to bring those good old deep house club elements and feel back into house music of 2014,” said Field. “The music must swing, but still be simple. I love playing musical elements in the front that is not normally the front, like the bass-line in ‘The Villa,’ which is somewhere between bass, organ and lead synth.” 
Enjoy “The Villa” up top and if you’d like, you can pick up the release at Beatport courtesy of Temple Music Group. 🙂

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