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TILT Spotlight: Lenny Power

TiltAdmin on May 26, 2014 - 9:02 pm in Uncategorized

Lenny Power is a new guy coming out of San Francisco making some extremely creative EDM that he refers to as “peanut butter music”. Why? I think probably because it’s so damn smooth.

“TYRANNOTITAN”, above, has hands-down one of the most interesting drops I’ve heard in any form of good club music like this. It’s like a swarm of sex sounds and Dracula’s synths (weirdest reference I’ve ever made, just carry on). It’s dark and sort of haunting, but it will drive you crazy in the best way possible.

A couple more things you gotta hear from Lenny Power before we go is “GRAVITON” and “BEHEMOTH”. The former is his most recent release and has some of those similar swarming sounds, and the latter plays out a lot more lightly with some seriously great piano work.

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