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BRAND NEW: Anna Lunoe – All Out

TiltAdmin on June 25, 2014 - 8:12 pm in Uncategorized

Anna Lunoe goes “All Out” on her first single from her Ultra music EP and it feeeeeels good!

I’d like to start off by clarifying that Anna Lunoe is not my favorite “female producer/DJ”… She’s just my favorite producer/DJ. Period. Game over.

Lunoe makes music that I’m excited to share with my friends and be like “YEP this is my jam!” because her sound emulates everything about music that I consider to be cool right now.  If I need a jolt of confidence, I just put on her tracks “Bad MF” (with Treasure Fingers) or “B.D.D” (with Skrillex) and I instantly feel like a badass.

Lunoe is extremely versatile, which is why I’m crazy about her newest track “All Out”. It’s a sensual dance groove that showcases her vocals and softer, more vulnerable side.  It’ll make you want to dance, have fun, and go ALL OUT with your friends 🙂

Anna Lunoe: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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