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Jose Gonzalez – Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)

TiltAdmin on June 26, 2014 - 7:05 pm in Uncategorized

Yo the drums in this new remix from The Chainsmokers are so mean! This is spectacular!

The guys got an update for us…

“So this is the theme song from the Walter MItty Film. And you have probably heard it in numerous adverts and airline commercials about travel… but when we first heard it MONTHS ago we thought it would be such a cool song to do a remix for because of the Anthemic nature of the vocal, and not to mention we are big fans of Jose. His older song Crosses is an all time favorite of ours! Anyway, the song is rather basic in format our goal was simple, to turn that chorus into a massive anthem of feels. That sorta feeling you get when you achieve something great. IN the end the track is largely in tact, as well as its emotion we think we just gave it that festival sized power…

PS – Sorry for the lack of music, we have been touring OZ and Asia for last month and well its hard to get things done plus the growing pains of well you know… anyway we have so much new music coming out, we have finished our NEXT SINGLE (YAY) and we think you are going to love it. Its a perfect blend of what we love about music. Think Adele, Feel So close and Fancy had a love child… Its a tune and a half, something we 10000% guarentee you are going to see and then hear and go oh damn…. and then hit play again… we cannot wait to share it with yall, not long now… and then once thats out we got about 4 others we are really excited about :)”

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