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Splash House: where house music gets you wet

TiltAdmin on June 20, 2014 - 3:10 am in Featured, Nightlife
Tonight I’ll spend packing for EDC this weekend, but tonight I’ll still be dreaming about Splash House. Splash house is [another] music festival that’s actually not just another music festival. The festival is more like an epic 3-day pool party with amazing music and people than just another “festival”.  Located in Palm Springs, it’s similar to Coachella, but instead of stage hopping, you hop between the various pools and hotels. 
There are many amazing qualities about music festivals; the spirit of participating in a communal gathering based on music, the dancing, the beautiful landscapes, the food, and being able to turn off your iPhone and escape the world, even if it’s just for a weekend. That being said, there’s a long list of things that can go horrendously wrong in those 72 hours; dehydration, long lines, big crowds, sunburn, losing your friends, losing your phone, getting lost, missing your favorite act, porta potties, drunk people…
Moby at the Hard Rock
What I loved most about Splash House was that played up all the amazing qualities of festivals and kept the negatives contained to a minimum. Everything went so smoothly that you would have assumed that this was the tenth Splash House, not just the second.
The beach club at the Hacienda
And that lineup… yes please. Usually at a fest, I pick out one or two “need-to-sees” per day, but at Splash House my need-to-sees were like every other DJ. This made the experience so much more enjoyable because no matter where I was, there was someone I loved playing great music, so I never had that “Ah need to get to that other stage right now” anxiety. My favorites were ModusAnna Lunoe, Modus, Bixel Boys, AmtracPOSSO, Justin JayRAC, Claude Von Stroke and Kygo
Claude VonStroke at the Hacienda Catina & Beach Club
The basic gist of Splash House is that there are three venues with pool parties that go all day. The three venues are the Hard Rock Hotel, The Saguaro, and the brand new Hacienda Cantina & Beach Club. The venues are only five minutes away from one another and there’s shuttles (with no lines) running between the three spots all day.
The Saguaro going off on Saturday

We stayed at the Saguaro which was my favorite venue and where we spent most of our time. Its layout is tight because the pool is in the middle of everything and all of the rooms face the pool. Palm Springs in the summer is HOT, so it was a massive plus to have a quick escape away from all the partying and take a breather in a nice, cool air conditioned hotel room.

Kygo’s first music festival :]

The Hard Rock was my second favorite venue. The vibe was a bit more upscale than the Saguaro. The Hard Rock was also the only spot with VIP options… which I actually really liked because living in LA the whole “VIP” table scene gets really old and draining.

Saguaro pool early Sunday morning as everyone’s sleeping off Saturday night
On Sunday we spent more time at the brand new Hacienda. Not open to the public yet, Splash Housers were the first to christen to this new spot. Inside the Hacienda Cantina there’s a restaurant and massive bar, and then outside at the Hacienda Beach Club there’s a bar, pool, cabanas, lots of places to sit and chill, and a grassy patch to dance.  
If you missed this amazing festival had mad FOMO all weekend then I’ve got some good news for you… there’s going to be a second Splash House this summer! 🙂

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