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TILT Premiere: Bobby Green – Changing Me (feat. Sean Michael Murray)

TiltAdmin on June 10, 2014 - 5:46 pm in Uncategorized

Very excited to premiere this new one from Bobby Green. You might recognize the red bandana in the artwork, the only fluid trace of Bobby Green out there as the young producer based in New York City keeps his identity, for the most part, a mystery. I think Bobby is probably best known for his house originals like “My PT Cruiser Is Dope” and remixes like Tiger La’s “Deadly Rhythm”. And actually, him and Tiger also have a video you can watch for their collab hit “Velvet Queen”.

His latest creation, “Changing Me”, is a creative collaboration with singer/songwriter Sean Michael Murray. Sean starred in the Grammy award-winning Broadway hit, ‘American Idiot’ alongside Billie Joe Armstrong, and was also in the revival of the hit Broadway show ‘RENT’ where he covered for the two leads, Mark and Roger. In “Changing Me”, the two young talented and well-accomplished artists bring their favorite ingredients into the mix with sweet harmonies from Sean and a high energy electronic lead from Bobby.

Enjoy the stream of “Changing Me” below and if you like it, please support it at iTunes!

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