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TILT Spotlight: LBCK

TiltAdmin on June 27, 2014 - 5:16 pm in Uncategorized

Long Beach duo LBCK (“Long Beach City Kids”) consisting of members Alex Noble and Luigi III debuted their acclaimed album ‘The Goods’ back in August of 2013 and have been in the studio working on more of their coined “Soul Funk” music ever since. After ‘The Goods’, LBCK delivered a cool “Give & Take” original as part of the edmSpotlight Vol. III compilation, as well as a fun remix for Foxe Basin’s “Chop Chop”.

Now, LBCK is delighted to bring us their new free remix of Mariah Carey’s classic, “Emotions”. Alex and Luigi say, “It’s an all-original remix — we just wanted to touch on an old classic and put a funky spin on it. Lots of summery good vibes in here. Plus, it’s the beginning of our summer release catalog with many official and free releases coming soon!”

There’s a lot more to come from LBCK this summer, but in the meantime, enjoy their new remix and get a glimpse of their upcoming releases below. 🙂

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