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TILT Spotlight: Megan Gabrielle

TiltAdmin on June 5, 2014 - 9:41 pm in Uncategorized
It’s time everyone was more properly introduced to the music of my dear friend Megan Gabrielle, a truly wonderful, multi-talented individual coming out of Sacramento, CA. Best-known for her modeling work, she’s been a bit sly, on the down-low with the release of her music that’s really, really good. I couldn’t not share.

Catching up with her recently, she’s really excited to start getting into the studio environment, which she openly says she has no real experience with. (I hope some producers out there are paying attention to this!) This lack of expertise results in something special though. This is raw-authentic new school R&B, straight from the soul.

Follow Megan Gabrielle on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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