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As a result of Jersey Club going global, producers from outside of New Jersey, such as Trippy Turtle (aka Lido from Oslo, Norway), have put their own unique spin on the Garden State sound, leaving us with a wide repertoire of sounds within this distinct genre.

I’ve never heard “Pacific Club” before, but after hearing these two new tracks from STVY RVRE, something just clicked.

“This is my take, a California take on Jersey Club. Some might call it Pacific Club”.  

So Jersey Club + California vibes = Pacific Club… I’m down with that.

California native STVY RVRE is an OG LA DJ of 15 years who used to be a battle DJ back in 1999. So the old school vibe in his sound and these two tracks is authentic AF. This first track DVNCE WITH ME is a fun R&B track with some old school vibes and some nice Jersey Club bounce to it.

STVY RVRE’s beachy tropical twist on Jersey Club is just in time for summer. It’s fun and light, but I also love that it’s ambient as well, which ties well to California’s laidback attitude. STVY RVRE’s second track, LUV FVCESS, captures the soothing and calming elements of Pacific Club and what life feels like by the ocean.

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Download LUV FVCESS for free

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