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TILT Spotlight: Stwo

TiltAdmin on June 3, 2014 - 2:43 am in Uncategorized

I was reading Stwo’s interview with Stoney Roads last night and a couple things I really fucked with and had to share… Stwo, my dude, if you’re reading, I’m sorry for the “spotlight”, I know this isn’t what you really want but I’m hoping maybe this will be a tiny little bump of awareness to get you in the direction you want to go… Can’t wait for that first Stwo-produced Drake cut.

“I want to quit DJing. I don’t really like being put on the spotlight. My goal is producing for people n shit, for Drake or whatever. I love Drake. I want to be a producer for big rappers, singers and such. I still want to do some shit like producing my own tracks, but when I will say ‘I made it,’ I will be producing for huge people. I don’t want to be known that much. I’m not doing this for the fame, but that’s how it works, if you want the money, you need to tour.”

“I sleep all day. In the night like, I get all my inspiration and produce.”

“I have no idea what my ideal girl is. I just like natural girls, like, girls who don’t give a shit about how they look.”

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