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TILTmag review of Life is Beautiful Festival

TiltAdmin on June 11, 2014 - 7:25 am in Featured, Nightlife

As Coachella came around again this year we get reminded of the new insurgence of festivals and festival culture. Some great! And others… Well you know.. Not so great. One of the great up and comer festivals that comes to mind is Life Is Beautiful Festival. When you leave the festival you really do have the feeling that life is beautiful! The whole environment is nicely done by well know artists, graffiti artists and local Vegas acts. You have heard of some of these acts, Cirque Du Soleil, “O”, Michael Jackson One, Zumanity, The  Beatles Love and many more.

All of this is going on in the heart of Downtown Vegas. All the businesses are still open. Side note, little tip if you want to save money on food there’s a subway. Why not eat fresh with a 5 buck footlong. Or of course treat yourself with one of the 30ish food venders that are there.

So not only do they have an ample amount of food options, but they also have world renowned chefs giving seminars around the clock. Life is Beautiful’s seminar game was on point. They had the chefs, the had UFC fighters, men and women at the peak of business, the owner of Zappos, all giving seminars around the clock, all overlapping each other. That’s one of the amazing things to me about this festival.

Since everything was going on continuously all at once, you’re bound to miss something. The fact that your going to miss a lot of the festival may sound like a bad thing, but its really not. This, to me, translates into a few things.. Every person can have their own festival experience, and love it their own special way. At the same time I can keep going back to the festival and see new things every single time i go, EVEN if they keep the festival exactly how it is for years and years. Which obviously won’t happen. So when/if you go to this festival be prepared to split up with your friends at some point. It’s just going to happen. There is sooo much going on that it’s bound to differentiate even the closest of friends, because everyone is different. And to me, that is beautiful.


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