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Doja Cat – So High (Diego Delgado Bootleg)

TiltAdmin on July 31, 2014 - 8:33 pm in Uncategorized

I caught up with Diego Delgado last week and asked him a few interview type questions just because I’ve never really done that even though I’ve known him personally for a good amount of time now. The main one I asked him was why does he make music? His answer was pretty interesting…

“I make music because you can get out a feeling with music that you can’t describe or explain with words,” the California based artist began. “You can try to. I attempt to. But I really feel like only music can reflect someone’s…” Diego paused. “I don’t want to say ‘soul’ because it’s bigger than that, but for lack of better words, music can connect with someone’s soul…someone’s existence.”

Last year Diego Delgado experimented with his debut five-track EP called ‘High Five’, which was soon followed by ‘Vintage Articles of Loathing’ that received praise from several respected music blogs and a humble 10K+ plays… This year Diego has been working on his first full-length project while putting his own spin on productions from the likes of Stwo, Doja Cat, Brenmar, Dimond Saints, Royal, and many more…

Listen to his latest take on Doja Cat’s “So High” below.

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