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Nappy Roots – Aw Naw (T&A Brigade Remix)

TiltAdmin on July 3, 2014 - 2:25 am in Uncategorized

Yep. T&A Brigade might’ve just dropped one of the coolest remixes of the summer.

“I first heard this song when I stole the Nappy Roots album from my older sister – I wasn’t allowed to listen to music that was Parental Advisory when I was a young tot. I’d always put it back right I after I listened to it so my sister wouldn’t realize I took it. I’m pretty sure she knew.

Other CD’s I stole from my sister include Sisqo (The Thong Song) Eminem, & TLC…my sister had the jams.”

I’d be pretty down for a T&A Brigade remix of “The Thong Song” too, especially if it sounds anything like this…

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