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Radiohead – Nude (Stint Remix)

TiltAdmin on July 10, 2014 - 12:22 am in Uncategorized

Well this was unexpected! We all know it’s popular for producers these days to remix tracks that we’re all familiar with while offering a new spin on them… Didn’t expect this though. Los Angeles’ STINT just dropped his remix of Radiohead’s “Nude” and it’s damn good.

STINT says, “Shit, man. ‘Nude’ by Radiohead…what can you say? It’s a very solitary track and a bit tragic. I wanted the mix to feel intimate. Almost every synth and drum is a manipulation of my voice and what I could find in the room on the day I made it. If all the elements sound real and exposed, I think it represents the lyrics…at least partly.” 

Dude is crazy. Take a listen below and be sure to find more of his music on SoundCloud.

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