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Sam Lucia – Sex Theory Vol. I-III

TiltAdmin on July 11, 2014 - 7:22 pm in Uncategorized

We’ve been supporting Sam Lucia since day one (I love when we can actually say that). And since the beginning, he’s all but proved to be one hell of an alternative hip-hop artist that we can always rely on for enjoyable, outside-the-box music.

Today marks the release of something very special: ‘Sex Theory Vol. I-III’, which will be included on his debut mixtape ‘White Wine & Black Thoughts’ due out the 1st of August. Listen to the first part “Depth” right now…

Sam says, “This is a wavy sexcapade disguised as a slowjam which depicts my first encounter with a girl I’ve just met and me giving reasons why I should be the next man in her life.” Ah, Lu. I feel you.

Next up is “Bedposts”. Where as “Depth” is the part where the two soon-to-be lovers meet, this part is the getting down. The sex. Heavy drums here make for a hot minute in bed.

Part three is called “Voyeurism” and it might be the sexiest of all, especially as it taps into fantasies literally every single heterosexual male on this planet has. Sam describes it like, “This one is about seeing a woman in passing publicly and imagining/hoping she’ll sporadically flip and turn into the sexual deviant from my fantasies while also realizing that we wouldn’t connect past the sheets as we both have other lives so we can only look at each other from afar.”

This is going to be a great mixtape, no doubt about it. Be sure to follow Sam Lucia on SoundCloud for the next drop.

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