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Samuel Proffitt ft. Khai – Sladky

TiltAdmin on July 30, 2014 - 7:05 pm in Uncategorized

Wow. What a debut this is! Everyone, meet Samuel Proffitt. Samuel Proffitt, I hope you’re ready to meet everyone.

With a mysterious title like “Sladky”, it is clear that Mr. Proffitt has every intention of making us think beyond the binary. With this being the lead single off his upcoming EP, our man captures the true essence of Winter in this emotion-evoking song. “Sladky” tells us a story about those moments of which we long for something completely out of our reach. Whether it be something we had at one point in life, or something we wanted but could never obtain.

This synth-heavy piece fuses together a powerful piano melody, a moving bassline, and a stunning vocal from the talented Khai. Samuel and Khai collectively create a sense of nostalgia and give us all a reason to ponder those moments of despair. Experience this beautiful number below.

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