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TILT Spotlight: Bmbu

TiltAdmin on July 14, 2014 - 4:16 pm in Uncategorized

John Michael Alsace (born 1989 in Santiago, Dominican Republic), aka Bmbu, is an American hip-hop producer currently residing in Philadelphia. At the age of 13, John started out producing with a longtime friend Logan Yuzna while living in Barcelona, Spain. Two years later John moved to Santiago, Chile where he finished high school. In 2008, he enrolled at Drexel University’s as a Music Industry major and has since been working his way up in the Philadelphia scene.

Well, his latest 5-track project ‘The C.R.A.T.E. Escape’ (“C.ause R.eally A.ll T.hings E.nd”) which plays out as a very smooth instrumental hip-hop experience, has made its way all the way out here to the West Coast. Here’s track one, “C.ause”.

If you feel like you’re floating after hearing that, brace yourself because we’re only about to go higher up with the second track, “R.eally”.

The EP continues to please the senses all the way until its “E.nd”.

If you’re feeling these jazzy, airy and all around blissful Philly hip-hop vibes, then we definitely encourage you to head over to the Bmbu Bandcamp and pick up the release for name-your-price. Also, you’ll want to follow John on SoundCloud because his collection there is quite nice.

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