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Esgar New Music & Interview // Smashtales “Bad Summer” V/A Compilation

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Esgar is no stranger to TILTmag. We have featured some of his music along side his Smash Tail crew in the past. Previous reviews here. Even rocked it on stage at one of our events with Blood Diamonds and Penthouse Penthouse. Once again he’s been making international waves with his music and new releases and was able to sit down with TILTmag to let us know whats GOOD!!! But first, check out his new tunes! Straight up Future Bass // Hyper-Dubs! Get into it!

////TILTmag x ESGAR Interview\\
TILTmag: How you doing Esgar? What’s new?

ESGAR: Yo! Hey man I’m well thank you! I’ve been keeping myself busy recording new sounds for my sets. I recently released a new tune “Haste” on Smashtales “Bad Summer” V/A Compilation. Getting ready for Europe, will be playing Shambala Festival in August with Jo_Def looking forward to that.

TILTmag: How long have you been DJ’n and Producing & tell us how you got started and a bit about SmashTales your crew.

ESGAR: I’ve been DJ’n since 2001 right out of High School and later began producing my own original music in 2006. Growing up I was heavy into Westcoast Gangster Rap & House music. Listening to the radio and family party events I was always in tuned with the DJ. Something I wanted to do but never thought I could afford it. Later in high school I got a job working for my parents and began saving my money. I wanted to buy rims for my ride lol. But my friend who was a rapper at the time suggested I buy turntables. We went to Guitar Center where I bough my first set up. It was Stanton Battle Pack DJ Craze edition. I later met DJ Katashtrophy in school who let me borrow a ITF/DMC DJ battle videos which blew my mind and open this whole new world of djing. That’s what I wanted learn to Scratch and Beat Juggle. I later entered local DJ battles in my area. I later began Djing house parties. At some point all that stopped and I wanted to learn to produce. I was always in love for the beats and would block out any lyrics from the tune in my mind. I linked up with Drumwerx and experimental noise artist who showed me how to sequence and record sound.

Smashtales is a co-founded by Ground Rulez, Jo_Def and myself. It’s a music crew with close friends and we also release compilations and ep’s as a label. It’s an outlet that has helped up bridge connections with other artists from around the world. We have crew members in CA, UK and Italy.

TILTmag: That’s solid man! 
We have been feelin your new tunes and the vibes. 
What are some of your current and past influences?

ESGAR: My current influence is the simplicity of a tune that has a huge impact on people. The way its shaped and presented to an audience. I still keep my past influences and continue to listen to 80’s, Metal, Electronic music from back then. There’s lots of elements in those older tunes that are just classic now.

TILTmag: How do you feel about how perceptive the international crowd is to your Juke sound and the sounds coming out of L.A.?

ESGAR: I feel the international crowd is very receptive to the sound. At first I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t think about it too much and just did my thing. I believe in what I do and their positive response gave me that push. CA definitely has a sound that is recognized internationally thru artists.

TILTmag: What VST’s and equipment do you use to produce your music?

ESGAR: I only have 3 pieces of hardware I use to record. Korg EMX Electribe, Moog Sub Phatty, and Korg Volca Bass. I rarely every use VST’s. I like to be hands on with hardware when recording.

TILTmag: Who are your top 5 producers in the game?

ESGAR: Seven Davis Jr., Om Unit, Machine Drum, Ground Rulez, Jo_Def

TILTmag: What can we expect from you here in the next few months?

ESGAR: New tune on Hit+Run Road Kill Vol.4 Compilation, Shambala Festival August 23rd, and gig in Mexico City Nov.15.

: Anything else you would like to tell us?

ESGAR: More new sounds underway.

TILTmag: When can TILTmag get a mixtape? =P

ESGAR: Soon!
Mike Woodward & ESGAR

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