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Henry Krinkle reconstructs Kiezsa’s ‘Hideaway’

TiltAdmin on August 20, 2014 - 11:45 pm in Uncategorized

On the back end of his US tour, Henry Krinkle had a chance to release an almost eleven minute epic remix of Kiesza’s dance floor hit ‘Hideaway’. He is a champion of the lush house movement and never fails to WOW us when it comes to re-vamping tracks and making them entirely his own. Barely recognizable from it’s original form, this creeping remix is as unexpected as it is pleasing.

Taking the pop original’s 4 minute span and stretching it to an impossible 10 minutes and 51 seconds seems nothing short of daunting. It takes a good five minutes into the track to realize that you are actually listening to a recreation of Kiesza’s original and when the lyrics sneak their way in, the surprise hits with sensational relief.

Though long in length, it progresses effortlessly to make time seem inconsequential. It is a true testament to his skill as a producer. He does not simply slap a bassline over a track and deem it a masterpiece, but completely redefines a track’s tone and meaning. Grab your free download below and be sure to check out his other tracks. 

Henry Krinkle’s dancefloor favorite…

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