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Soon to be the ambassador of the Jersey Club movement, mysterious producer Hoodboi  and Fool’s Gold resident unleashes four hype-worthy mixes. 

Fresh off his remix for Chris Brown’s “Loyal”, Hoodboi masks in the glory of his recent identity unveiling this year. He’s received support from Mad Decent along with scene members like DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle. It’s no wonder with tempo-stranglers like  the “Loyal” remix, Hoodboi possesses such a voracious appeal. Listen below.

Hoodboi’s daring music has earned him respect on an international scale and a devoted fan base. The departure from conventional structures and transition to a lighter beat is a result of his collaboration with Falcons. On different sides of the spectrum with a synonymous sound, the pair take over Tory Lanez’s “Crew”. Listen below.

Broadening his palette for music, Hoodboi remixes “Deep End” by Coucheron featuring Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne. Going in headfirst, Hoodboi dabbles in electronic backbeats proving to be refreshingly multi-faceted. The hyper-R&B producer continues to challenge himself experimenting beyond the confines of Jersey Club music. Listen below.

Crossing the finish line, presenting the final Hoodboi remix in this feature. Several of you are familiar with the acclaimed club hit T-Pain’s “Bartender”, our good o’l Hoodboi never disappoints. He kicks the beat in full-gear transforming the original into a grime heavyweight track. Hoodboi’s razor blade talent is unmistakably potent cutting through his competition. Listen below.

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