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In order to do the first full listen of MARZ LÉON‘s debut ‘L O N E R’ EP any justice, I had to get this one downloaded and transferred onto my phone so I could take it for a ride. Once I had something rolled up, I started my car, pushed play on “Exhale”, and put it in drive. I’m a loner too.

By the time it sinks in that someone’s footsteps are embedded in my soul, I’m already flying in the sky with the EP’s titular track, forgetting everything I did before this and not worried about what I’m about to do next. I’m just here.

I flick the ash off my blunt out the window and I’m getting further away. A thought pops into my head, if someone was going to call me right now I would only want it to be you. But that’s not going to happen. The guitars in “Touch” scream and I let go of that thought. I let Marz take over my experience all the way through “Wavez”. I look up at the moon and I remember what it’s like to be lost underneath the stars.

Feeling young, it would only make sense that the next lyrics I really hear are “I keep playing with fire”, something only we do… It’s here that I think I get what this L O N E R thing is all about. It would be hard for me to explain because it’s not really a thought. It’s a feeling, for lack of a better word. Or maybe it’s a choice. When we’re lucky enough to find someone that we can be completely ourselves with, it’s scary because it’s everything we’ve ever wanted. We’re together as we are, and that’s it. And when we lose that, it’s like losing a part of ourselves. Still alive, I guess we get a choice… We can either go it alone forever, maybe, or we can step back into the flames… Which one’s going to hurt more? We’ll never really know.

It’s almost midnight when “Midnight” finishes. The airy sounds of “King” begin to fill my car up, the drums crash, the temperature’s cool and the city’s bright. I feel OK… I’ll be a loner until I’m not again.

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