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Panama Wedding – All Of The People (Option4 Remix)

TiltAdmin on August 25, 2014 - 9:45 pm in Uncategorized

New York City band, Panama Wedding is full of promises this year with their joyful indie-pop hit “All Of The People” enlightening souls all over the globe. It’s no wonder the band has received massive praise with their celebrated track earning over 700,000 plays on Soundcloud. “All Of The People” has also been remixed by the likes of Denver, Colorado brethren Option4. Living by his personal motto ‘More house than tech, more deep than disco’, Option4 kicks the original into full gear with a rich bouncy bass and a crisp-sounding synths. Engrossing almost 60k plays on Soundcloud, listeners describe option4’s rendition as nothing less than ‘fuego vibes’. Listen below. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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