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Satin Jackets – Foreign Affair EP

TiltAdmin on August 21, 2014 - 9:01 pm in Featured

After the massive reception for their hit ‘You Make Me Feel Good’, Satin Jackets are back with ‘Foreign Affair’, an EP swimming in their oh-so pleasing laid-back goodness. Released August 18 on Eskimo Recordings (popular Belgium home of Aeroplane) this EP holds it’s own against a fantastic roster of nu-disco and indie dance favorites.

‘Sunrise in Paradise’ comes in with as much force as any slow jam could hope for, and leads with an undeniable burn ebbing with sexy synths. Fleeting vocals crooning “you got it” tie everything together to complete the feel-good vibe that these producers seem to create with their eyes closed and hands tied behind their backs.
The stand out track is undoubtedly their collab with Patrick Baker, who has become something of a producer’s choice when it comes to vocals, most notably featured in Lane 8’s single ‘The One’. Entitled ‘Fall Apart’, the track opens with faraway guitar chords that give way to smooth chiming atmospherics. Despite the title, it all ironically comes together to create a delicately fitting foundation to house Bakers’ ethereal voice.
Satin Jackets have become pivotal players on the indie dance scene and have carved a distinct space within this already niche genre. Their sound is carefree and seemingly made for every shore near you. No word yet on an upcoming tour, but with this release and surrounding hype, we have no doubt that Satin Jackets will soon be snatched up by your local indie hotspots.

Satin Jackets:

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