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E.A.S.Y – “Fly Away” & “When Will The Bass Drop #LiveRemix” (Music Video)

TiltAdmin on October 3, 2014 - 7:38 am in Uncategorized

Revolutionizing the sound of the future is double threat DJ duo E.A.S.Y. Comprised of D.C.’s Enferno & N.Y.C’s Shiftee (both former DMC Champions), two titans of DJ performance have unleashed groundbreaking track “Fly Away”. With a mutual mastery of music production, their use of keyboards and drum machines is impeccable. Creating a a true paradigm shift in the art of DJing & live performance, E.A.S.Y generate a signature melodic yet gangster style of sound. Listen below.

In the creative yet comedic live music video for “When Will The Bass Drop”, the two get down any dirty with the bass. The video shows off their craftmenship in turntablism and their caliber of musicality. Wigs, drum machines & trap sounds, “When Will The Bass Drop” is specifically provided for your viewing pleasure. Watch below.

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