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Brenmar – Award EP // L.A. Record Release Party

TiltAdmin on January 22, 2015 - 10:21 pm in Nightlife

Brenmar continues to bring the hype with his new “Award” EP released by Fool’s Gold Records! This release is full of tracks that have potential to be radio bangers, as well as something that makes the club go off! Every track features a different vocalist to add their own interactive touch to Brenmar’s iconic production, such as: Dougie F, Sayyi, UNiiQU3 (queen of Jersey Club), and Ro James. Blending his east coast background with modern rap music makes for something anybody can dance, sing, or just bug out to!

“Award” starts off strong with the title track; a very catchy and tough anthem that is enforced into your head with the help of Jersey native Dougie F. Brenmar seamlessly breaks the formula of modern rap music to say the least. Ranging from classic piano melodies, powerful electronic synths and drums, to the hook that you can’t get out of your head, shows how in depth his production is to get the sound he wants and achieves. Overall an amazing start to the EP that made me eager to sit down and listen to all the tracks in their entirety. Start to finish! Big ups to Fools Gold Records for signing this great artist.


If you’re feeling these vibes you can catch Brenmar on tour now! He’ll be doing a record release party tonight in Los Angeles for our friends at IHC! Be sure to get there early to catch Sasha Go Hard, our HAM ON EVERYTHING buds and MOD’s Yung Satan!  

Isaac Treece

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