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KnightWerk Records Presents: RMG X FRIENDS VOL. 1

TiltAdmin on January 25, 2015 - 8:27 pm in Uncategorized

Real Music Group
 is a crew of many spectrums of club music based out of the east coast but is now a worldwide group. Their debut compilation got a re-upload with some new tracks added to it and we can’t stop bumping this like when it first came out! KnightWerk Records made a good decision by reaching out to RMG so early because they’ve been gaining a strong following and building their team up with some insane producers to get them to where they needed to be to release their second compilation, The Sextape
RMG is one of our favorite club collectives because they all have the signature raw east coast sound to all their productions but also crush the standard of simple, sample driven music. Many of their producers are obviously hustling and trying to make their sound known by stepping out of the normal Jersey Club sound. Seeing young kids from the east coast doing things this big inspires us and the vision of having a stronger club scene in Los Angeles immediately comes to mind. There are so many people from RMG to list that you should be watching, but our favorites are: BasedPrince (CEO of RMG)DJ AlDJ ‘ BendthaaKU$HCANNXN, and last but not least Styles Savage (president of RMG)!
Go download both of their compilations, you will not be disappointed!

Isaac Treece

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