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JONAS RATHSMAN – WOLFSBANE (Method White Recordings)

TiltAdmin on February 21, 2015 - 8:27 pm in Featured



Wolfsbane by Jonas Rathsman is the debut track on Disclosure’s Method White label (a brand new extension of their Method Records Label) and they’ve gone a dark deep route with the selection. Wolfsbane provides a shadowy cloak over a driven thump of a beat. It has a mysterious medieval energy to it – something you’d hear while exploring the catacombs of a wizard’s tower and I love it. The airy texture of the synth dances till you drop into a tubular bass sound. It’s refreshing to hear ‘deep’ house without a repeating wood block pattern.

I’m definitely hoping to hear this track on a dancefloor soon and I probably will given the support Disclosure has given it. It will be exciting to see how influencers with their own labels direct things, especially with brooding releases like Wolfsbane. It takes itself seriously without being overbearing or tacky about it. This track lends itself to a very tasteful and independent vein in the current world of house music.

– Justin Cornwall

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