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Oh Wonder – All We Do (LYAR Remix)

TiltAdmin on February 20, 2015 - 11:20 pm in Uncategorized

Today we got some incredibly smooth vibes in our inbox from this amazing duo called  LYAR.  LYAR is a collaboration made up of two media arts students from Germany – Chris (20 years) and Phil (24 years)The group was established last last year in October. Like many artists, these two have found that when you are creative in one art form it can crossover into another. We are grateful they have found a muse in music making. They definitely bring something fresh and new to the dance music scene with their style. I can’t believe they have come up with such great sounds in only 4-5 months!

Their vibes are very smooth but are textured with chops and vocal pitch bends that brings the sound full circle. Not to mention the synth production that is top notch. Building emotion with each stroke of the key. Definitely something you would hope and expect your DJ at the next pool party to play out while your soaking up the sun rays. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for LYAR. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then be sure to give them some love via their Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

A little something to get you prepped for Spring Break! A mixtape and our favorite remix from the guys! 

Mike Woodward

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