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Solheiro – Last Minute Winner (Original Mix)

TiltAdmin on February 23, 2015 - 5:00 pm in Uncategorized

Opening with a playful dance of light synths, ‘Last Minute Winner’ helps you feel like you’re on a sailboat going through a kaleidoscope. We are feelin this different take on Nu Disco out of Mexico.  Solheiro seems to have cemented himself within a sound of his own, which is getting a great response from the masses. The bouncy vibe and clockwork claps keep this disco jam churning till the last beat.

It provides a ray of hope with optimistic lyrics. The vocalist isn’t credited, perhaps it’s Solheiro himself? They play a background role in this track, but definitely bring it all in. In the future hopefully we can hear some awesome collaborations with professional vocalists. I feel like it would really tie this type of sound together. A good teaser of things to come – Solheiro is on my watch list for this year!

Check out one another of our favorites! This is a great Nu Disco flip of Loyal! This time the smooth vocals are provided by Eastside. Just a little something to get you prepped for this Spring. Vibes for days!

-Justin Cornwall

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