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TiltAdmin on February 23, 2015 - 8:21 pm in Featured

Swerve Squad is a team of innovative producers based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Their roster is full of MVP’s, such as: AWERAINOH CEE ROSSMURPHYLORD OLAF, and YUNG ORCA! The best part about it all, the oldest person in the crew is 21 years old. On February 27th they will be making their debut online release with [SS001], featuring Rainoh Cee Ross and Murphy. We can not label these two tracks with any genre restricting names… you just have to listen for yourself. Both tracks will have your ears glued to the multitude of flawless production from beginning to end.

“Lost Squadron” by Rainoh Cee Ross is a melodic masterpiece that takes aspects of many genres and blends them into a beautifully tough beat that keeps you moving. RCR’s production is very diverse and this track displays that perfectly; there is no limitation to the distinct French influence he brings to his work.

“Squad Up” by Murphy is the anthem! Just bump this on a good sound system and you will understand. Incorporating deep Dubstep sounding basses to his iconic glitchy drum patterns and sample chopping makes this track an all around banger. Murphy is a beast with everything he does in his productions, he definitely has a sound nobody can replicate and knows what direction to take his music. 

These guys are just getting started and we know they are about swerve all the way to the top! Keep your eyes on Swerve Squad and visit their website www.swervesquad.com to preorder the upcoming release. 

Isaac Treece.

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