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Traxxx Romay – Kitty Kats & Big Faces

TiltAdmin on February 28, 2015 - 9:19 pm in Featured

Traxxx Romay just released a new EP entitled “Kitty Kats & Big Faces” via KnightWerk Recs with six original tracks and seven remixes from some amazing artists! Everything on this EP is great to say the least; each track has a strong producer accompanied by Traxxx Romay’s edgy vocals. Definitely go give the entire EP a listen, you will not be disappointed!

Our favorite track from the entire release is DJ Problem’s remix of “H.B.I.C.” This track immediately grabs your attention and gets straight to the point from there! Problem seamlessly blends a small cut of Traxxx’s sexual vocals over a savage booty bounce track with that signature Brick Bandits sound! Do not sleep on DJ Problem!!

If you like the release, go buy it from the KnightWerk Recs. Bandcamp!

Isaac Treece

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