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Bank$y – 12

TiltAdmin on March 26, 2015 - 9:20 am in Featured
The newest single “12” by AJ Bank$y is from the Florida native who touches on important sociopolitical issues and expresses the frustrations of being a young black male in America, making reference to the death of Tamir Rice who was murdered by Cleveland police at the young age of 12. This is a song an a rapper we can get behind. Black youth and culture has been targeted for too long. We hope through the art of music it will inspire change and a dialog. This song does just that.

AJ Bank$y has a one of a kind voice and with his detailed and intricate rap lyrics he paints a picture of the deep pain and suffering that is going on today. Rapper Bank$y is from Palm Bay, Florida, and is a small town spitter with a big vision. The twenty-one-year old currently attends Georgia Tech where he’s constantly being forced to juggle recording new tracks and finishing homework.

In a genre polluted with copycats and pretentious “rich” lyricists, Bank$y exposes the hypocrisy within the current generation of rappers and goes deeper into the fine dynamics of our humanity. Straight to the core and forges words that only and educated wordsmith can provide. Similar to the 90’s backpack rappers of the past, trying to make a culture more aware. Beyond the surface and commercialism. Bank$y resonates and delivers a message of hope, individuality and faith. This IS NOT a 21 year old kid solely preoccupied with drugs, partying, or one night stands. This is what the future of Hip-Hop holds. A consciousness of a society in need of the truth and some real talk. We love this artist and we will be sure to keep you posted on future releases. Until then support via the links below.

Website: trt-music.com
Twitter: @AJ_BankSy

Mike Woodward

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