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Bummer – Chitchat

TiltAdmin on April 11, 2015 - 10:29 pm in Super Featured

buMMer‘s latest song Chitchat reflects the fusion of sounds and vibes that this duo can put together. Merging melodies with hard hitting yet smooth bass that sticks in your mind. Something that rocks the soul and moves your feet. Very reminiscent of the trippy 90s era of great house music. Keep your eyes and ears on buMMer, we can expect some very amazing tunes to come!

buMMer is an Italian electronic music duo formed in 2013 by the Lucano brothers, originating from two world-class cities, Milan and NYC. The project was created in a basement of the suburbs of Milan and developed while the brothers lived apart. After exploring the dynamics between the acoustic and electronic sounds through live jam sessions with drums and outboard synths, buMMer started working on music production in Ableton releasing their first 5-track EP #Different Haircuts late the same year.


Their energy-filled, dynamic and dark-sounding music is inspired by bass-heavy electronic music, making their DJ and live performances an act not to be missed. Keep track of them via their Soundcloud HERE or Facebook HERE



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