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Golden Coast – Futurist (Eau Claire Remix)

TiltAdmin on April 22, 2015 - 3:52 pm in Featured

As the sun breaks through the spring clouds and on to your skin you can feel the Summer coming. In the music world you can feel the Summer coming as well. As it nears we are getting a huge amount of just feel good, tropical tracks that just go hand in hand with a good beach day or a day poolside with drinks, soakin up the rays.

Our favorite new track from our many submissions is Eau Claire‘s remix of “Futurist.” A track that was done ever so well by Gold Coast. Eau Claire took this song on and totally made her own, flexing this Daytime Disco, Tropical vibe that we all crave!

Eau Claire

“Futurist caught my attention at first listen with its addictive vocals and feel-good production.  The tempo is quite a bit slower than the songs I’ve released recently but I wanted to make the song more dance friendly so that I could also it include in my sets.  I created a new bassline and reworked the percussion which really helped to glue the song together.  The vocals are very powerful on their own and by removing a lot of the backing synths it allowed Golden Coast’s vocals resonate. The last couple of tracks I’ve remixed have definitely been inspired from within. It’s a new place for me as a producer; being able to develop ideas and lay them out with out going to someone else’s track for inspiration – it’s a pretty cool place to be.”

– Eau Claire

This song has us HOOKED! After hearing this song we checked out her other tunes on her soundcloud, and every damn track this girl touches is GOLD! Look out this girl has the MIDAS TOUCH! Definitely keep an eye out on her. We can’t wait what she has to unleash on us this Spring/Summer of 2015! We’ll DEF keep you posted!!

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