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Cheat Codes – Senses (feat. Lostboycrow)

TiltAdmin on May 7, 2015 - 6:10 am in Super Featured

Stressed out, tired of the day to day grind? Well maybe it’s because you haven’t take time for yourself. We all need a little time out, some time off. We all need a little something to help us decompress. Some of us logoff, head into nature. Others hit the bottle to erase their memories. We like to find that perfect track that melts away your worries with each melody, stroke of the synthesizer, and mesmerizing lyrics. We have found just that all in Cheat Codes “Senses”. Just wait for the drop, it’ll grab you and take you over. Cheat Codes does a great job of adding ha smooth yet sophisticated dance beat, vintages synths, guitars and pianos. Finding that great balance. Ride this one out to the end,  cause it’s worth the ride!

This is something that you could crank up on your way home when your stuck in traffic or poolside with a frosty drink in hand. Either way we think you will find this song to give you solace in your time of need.

Mike Woodward

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