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Jamz Supernova X TILTmag Mixtape Monday #38 & Interview

Jamz Supernova X TILTmag Mixtape Monday #38 & Interview
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Are you ready!? Even though it’s Monday and your feeling a bit sluggish at the beginning of this work week, we have the goods! Cheer up, Summer is just around the corner and we have an incredible mix from one of our favorite DJ’s and great talents of London, Jamz Supernova!

Jamz Supernova

In this mix Jamz flexes her skills as a seasoned DJ, rocking multiple styles and playing out some very exclusive tunes! We first discovered Jamz Supernova from her London Radio broadcast Future Bounce. She has been a dedicated ambassador of good dance music and has supported the Bass music scene for years. We are so happy she has joined BBC Radio 1 (1xtra) to help advance the sound of dance music! If for some reason you been in a hole and are not familiar with her, your in luck.  We were able to contact Jamz Supernova for an this exclusive interview. So you can fall in love with her and appreciate her as much as we do!

TILTmag: Tell us what got you started in Radio and DJing?

Jamz Supernova: I went to a special college called the BRIT SCHOOL, where I did a course in Radio. From there I started working behind the scene in Production for BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra. Working alongside the DJ’s there really made me want to learn how to DJ. I asked one of the DJ’s how to learn & they just replied practice. So I did.

TILTmag: Who has inspired you to push forward in the industry?

Jamz Supernova: Loads too many to name – But defiantly the DJ’s I worked alongside at Radio 1 such as Toddla T, Semtex, DJ Target, Ace & Mistajam. They put me on and gave me opportunities to DJ alongside them.

TILTmag: We notice you DJ all over, what have been some of your favorite spots to perform?

Jamz Supernova: Bestival was an amazing experience, it was my first ever festival! And this year I warmed up for Toddla T at a pool party in Malta for Annie Mac’s festival.

TILTmag: What festivals are you looking forward to this Summer

Jamz Supernova: I’m really excited for Glastonbury this year, it’ll be my first time there & playing.

TILTmag: Who are some of your favorite underground producers RN?

Jamz Supernova: There are a load of exciting producers but Big Dope P is incredible, R3LL is doing alot for Jersey Club, Daffy is a producer from Bristol who has some great releases under his belt &  CassKidd, he’s only 19 but got so much potential and has a great ear!

TILTmag: Congrats on your move to BBC Radio 1 (1xtra)! Do you think you will shake things up a bit with your forward thinking sounds?

Jamz Supernova: I really hope so, I want to carry on what I have been doing, creating a platform for emerging producers.

TILTmag: Why do you think Future Bounce and the Future sound is so fast growing and changing EDM culture?

Jamz Supernova: I think it’s because it’s because it is so fresh & unformatted unlike your 4 to the floor house or DJ Mustard Hip-Hop. There are no rules & producers are free to experiment and push the boundaries. Also as a scene it moves so fast, what I was playing a year ago sounds nothing like what people are making now so by the time the mainstream has caught on we’re already onto a new sound. And lastly it’s so accessible for the younger generation if your 16 with decent production software the world is your oyster. The roles are reversed  established producers are now watching & listening to the young wave of producers on their soundcloud feed for inspiration.

TILTmag: Well Put!!! <3!

Be sure to support Jamz Supernova and link up with her on her social media links below!

JAMZ on FB | JAMZ on Twitter | Jamz on Soundcloud



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