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Lightning In A Bottle 2015: The Transformational Experience

Desire Ann on June 15, 2015 - 3:47 am in Uncategorized


When people rave, review, it feeds the hype. I can tell you about one experience that lives up to all of that- Lightning In A Bottle. Originally, started as a party thrown from one Flemming brother to another (Do Lab creators), the small birthday gathering quickly grew to a highly successful California based camp out festival in a matter of a few years. In the three years that I’ve been in attendance, the crowd has rapidly grown from 15k (2013), 18k (2014) to over 20k this year with the help of headliners Flume, SBTRKT, Odesza and John Digweed. The all-inclusive transformational festival consistently manages to showcase the finest electronic, experimental, indie and underground artists in the music scene.


The music may be the headliner but the people, art, workshops, classes, seminars and sound baths complete LIB. In 2013 I enjoyed a music therapy session with dance visionary, Moby. This year, I went for a discussion about “The anatomy of creativity” and enjoyed a soothing mediation sessions and sound baths.  The Temple Of Conscience and The Village consistently leave me feeling rejuvenated, fulfilled, inspired and educated every time.

The Art

When asked to describe the atmosphere of LIB, I mention that it’s a “visual wonderland” that truly comes into fruition during moon light. The sun setting behind the Woogie stage tree house is a favorite memory of mine, one that I wait to relive and capture a shot of every year. The Indian reservation lights up with multicolored delight, complimented by the surrounding music and bass feels of the world class Funktion One sound-systems. The rainbow of neon is displayed on the stages, art installations (created from artists around the world) golf carts, and costumes that galore the little civilization for four days.

The Music

First morning of LIB 2015, I was awakened by the traveling sounds of deep house from The Temple Stage across the way,  legendary Marques Wyatt was throwing down to the early birds for his sunrise session. Later that Friday evening I was ecstatic to see the man responsible for one of the best album’s of 2011, UK based artist, SBTRKT. Multi-talented producer  Aaron Jerome is the one hiding behind the tribal mask and played all analog, all the way. Surrounded by his array of synths, modulators and drum machines, his performance was a highlight of the festival for me. I got deep with Aussie hottie Flume and danced  the daylight away to the beats of Shiba San. I started my evening with the techno duo Fur Coat and ended my weekend with John Digweed.

Inner Journey

Yes, some moments can be grueling, it’s all part of the music festival camping experience: thousands of personalities and people, extreme weather conditions and getting dirty. You come out with a new outlook and feel more accepting to what’s different in the world. I catch myself on the ride home saying, “I put myself through that, I lived that, survived that, fully immersed myself in that. Amazing.” I’m all about the new experiences, life lessons and self-discovery. I’m eager and hungry for new and unknown genres of music I’ve yet to explore. I feel free, real and open to my expressions, body, style, and alternative methods of healing mentally and physically. I’m left feeling more in touch with nature where I’m away from temporary, meaningless, materialism. I’m comfortable to connect to new souls from LA to the bay and around the globe in this journey. These experiences have out shined the bad company, bad trips and extreme weather conditions that occurred during my adventure.

That’s the TRANSFORMATIONAL experience.

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The Woogie Stage at LIB 2015

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