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Tinashe X Zkosta Remix

TiltAdmin on June 26, 2015 - 5:30 am in Featured, Super Featured

DJ Skosta

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A few questions for you…

Do you like G House?

Do you like sick deep house bass synths that make you bob your dome!? Do you like the sexy vocals of Tinashe? If you answered yes to any of these questions this remix from DJ Zkosta is gunna get you sorted. I doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ looking for that new hot beat to throw down at the club or just a music fan with a subwoofer at home,we guarantee this remix will get your blood flowin and will have your mind blown within the first 60 seconds. Actually, our personal favorite part of this tune is the 2nd breakdown at 1min 15sec with that second layer of synth rolls in! SOO HEAVY! SO SIIIIIICK!

DJ Zkosta really blends all the right elements and harmonies with this Tinashe remix. If this song doesn’t have you dancing you need to stick your finger in a light socket to ensure your even alive! JK. Don’t do that… cause this beat will give you the shock treatment. No light socket needed. Give DJ Zkosta some love via his social media links above. Also feel free to comment on this sick remix.


Mike Woodward

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